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Real Estate in Phuket what is for sale

The real estate market in Phuket is constantly evolving and changing with new opportunities and properties appearing regularly. As well as property from the secondary market we also have brand new villas, houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, building complexes and other facilities up for sale, all of which are fantastic prospects not to be missed!

All of our real estate and property for sale in Phuket, whether residential (villas, apartments, townhouses and homes) or commercial (hotels, shops, restaurants and apartment complexes) are a harmonious blend of top quality design and a high level of superior construction work. All of which provide customers with excellent opportunities for a comfortable stay on the island, business development or guaranteed profit if the property is purchased for resale. So whatever your reasons for buying, we’ve got you covered.

Land and property in Phuket for sale, resale, buy to let or any other reason is the best choice for investors, developers and buyers. New projects in Phuket are in high demand as buyers are choosing amongst the many real estate developments, apartments and villas for sale and other investments here on the island, with their choices being guided by the new standards of design, quality, location and infrastructure.

Why is the demand for real estate growing?

The tourism industry in Thailand is growing year by year and nowhere is that more true than here in Phuket. This constant growth means that with each passing season the island requires more and more hotels, apartments and villas to cater for the millions of new and returning visitors that Phuket receives each year. This in turn creates the need for more entertainment establishments, sports complexes, restaurants and shopping centres.

In addition to this, the ever growing popularity of the island has always and will always make it a great place for long-term stays, secure and stable businesses and an enjoyable vacation spot. The fantastic real estate opportunities in Phuket attract investors from all over the world.

With our expertise, we will help to find the best investment for you in the Phuket property market. We offer advice for return on investment, help with resale or letting out your new home and development options that are not to be missed, all in one of the world’s most popular tourist locations.

On top of all this the prices for houses and condos in Phuket are much lower than in Europe or the USA and the buying process of a villa or apartment is much easier too!